B Production

A successful event is a complicated business.  You need to design an experience that engages your audience and manage thousands of details to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

To make it a seamless experience for you, Bprod turns needs, briefs, strategies and ideas into projects, using the most-up-to-date tools and introducing the newest technologies.

Managing the logistic of the entire operation, our talented team of creative designers, production managers, corporate sales teams, carpenters, electricians and other professionals are dedicated to delivering a spectacular production for your exhibition or event with complete respect for deadlines, and utmost focus on quality and functionality.

Understanding your needs, the message and image you want to convey, the team handles the whole execution process by bringing in the engineering know how while working in line with your overall communication strategy at the best quality to price ratio.

Our affiliated offices and partners across the globe allow us to be highly reactive even on short notice, and to perfectly answer client needs in any part of the world.

Bprod’s know-how caters to the needs of a prestigious client list by offering the following products:

  • General exhibitions setups;
  • Corporate stands, special design and execution for exhibition, conferences, congresses and any type of business gathering;
  • Design for stages, platforms, grand stands, dance floors;
  • Flooring coverage for all types of entertainment events;
  • Theming & Weddings;
  • Activation & Fit-out;
  • T Studios & Stages;
  • Events Contracting;