Confex International s.a.l






Confex, a leader in events organization, is mainly specialized in seminars, convention, exhibitions and other business events , etc

During the past years, Confex organized several thematic conferences and seminars with a main stress and emphasis on the economic and development issues. Conferences included subjects such as trade, growth, finance and banking.


Mr. Rafik Zantout, chairman and founder of Confex, have established a strong network of relations and ties in the business, financial and banking communities. These relationships allowed Confex, to gather important and authorative speakers to animate the various seminars and conferences.


Confex, through an efficient collaboration with the Lebanese and other Arab chambers of Commerce, the Lebanese and Arab banks association, and other professional associations, managed to organize very successful conferences related to regional economic cooperation and trade reciprocity, investment incentives, tourism development, industry and other entrepreneurship problems (with recommendations for solutions) and several other topics related to commerce, banking, long term planning and regional cooperation.


Of particular interest to Confex, is focusing on a solid, well planned and modern future, notably through young business managers, entrepreneurs, and movers and Confex.
Through organizing conferences that hold these youth under the same umbrella, is encouraging bilateral ties between ambitious youth, the region's only security towards a fulfilling and sustainable future.


Another main issue that is of importance to Confex, is the role of businesswomen in the Arab world, a thorny issue at the turn of the XXIst century. Women, currently gaining more and more rights and getting more active in many domains, are also looking for networks of contacts in order to expand and prosper more. Confex, through organizing conferences for businesswomen secures such missing links, hence participating in the empowerment of women, all while subscribing to the social and religious values cherished in the entire region.


Confex, gives particular attention for building long term relationship with the participating speakers and audience. It also gives all the attention to promote the sponsors by providing professional discussions that would improve their role in the community.


Confex, is fully aware of the importance of communication and media. For that purpose, it has built a strong network of connections with a great number of prominent media and specialized journalists, be it written or visual, local television or satellite channels covering Lebanon, the Middle East and the rest of the world.


Organization to the smallest details is the specialty of Confex. It handles logistic arrangements for participants (Hotels, cars, airline reservation and others); reception personnel, seminar tools, catalogues, brochures, press kits and releases, TV commercial spots, website promotion, and many other details that will make the participant comfortable to make maximum use of the event.


Our services include:

- Meetings, congresses and conferences planning, organization and management

- Bidding

- Registration

- Security liaison with Government Agencies

- Public Relations

- Accomodation and transportation services for events attendees coming from abroad

- Gala dinners and cocktail receptions for the conferences/congresses

- Sightseeing tours for events attendees