World House Of Lebanon





The World House of Lebanon (WHoL) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental Foundation based in Lebanon. It was founded in 2009 by Betty Hindi. It aims to promote the spirit of cooperation and unity among resident and non-resident Lebanese citizens, including emigrants of Lebanese descent.

On one hand, WHoL endeavors to encourage non-resident Lebanese citizens to take part in Lebanon’s political, economic, social, and cultural life; on the other hand, it encourages them to defend the Lebanese cause in their country of residence.



Lebanese emigrants play a vital role in the Lebanese economy; in fact, a recent study showed that funds transferred into Lebanon account for more than 20% of the GDP.

However, to view the diaspora only as a source of funding skews the relationship away from its essence of citizenship. Instead, the Lebanese emigrant should be viewed as a source of cultural and moral wealth as well.

The Global presence of emigrants should also be recognized as a significant asset for Lebanon; thus, integrating emigrants in the Lebanese civil and political fabric enhances the collective Lebanese global competitive advantage and image.



At the World House of Lebanon, and just as our name implies, we envision a world where Lebanon and its diaspora are united. We seek to expand Lebanon beyond its real borders to embrace the whole world as a Lebanese nation.



The World House of Lebanon will create and nurture links that will strengthen relations between Lebanon and its emigrant community for the sake of growing a stronger and more unified Lebanon.